Clothing Makers

Empire Clothing - Montreal: Website

When Empire Clothing was founded, Canada was still part of the British Empire. Joseph Leibovitch chose EMPIRE CLOTHING MANUFACTURING COMPANY as the name for his new enterprise. Joseph came with his three brothers from Romania to explore the opportunities that North America had to offer. Montreal was not quite the cosmopolitan city of 4 million that it is today, but when Joseph arrived in 1917, it was a thriving and bustling centre of trade & commerce.

Paul Betenly – Toronto: Website

Welcome to the world of Paul Betenly! We strive to give Canadians the best price/value relationship in the world of better menswear. Modern fit and styling merged with old world tailoring techniques gives the wearer a look of elegance and sophistication.

Paul Betenly clothing complements the lifestyle of men on the move, who need to look polished at any given time. Whether it is a client meeting, leisure activity, family outing or an important social occasion, Paul Betenly can ensure you always look your best.

We pride ourselves on the subtleties in our clothing: pick stitching, hand sewn armholes, unique lining and trim details, meticulous tailoring, and luxurious performance fabrics. These premium features combine to create a symphony of expression with functionality – the best of both worlds!

Shirt Makers

Ridolfi Shirts – Toronto: Website

Ridolfi is a family tradition with three generations of manufacturing the finest dress shirts for men since 1949. Our quality and complex classic construction delivers a world class product to the discerning consumer.

Maison Lenevue Collections – Montreal: Website

New for fall in our Social section are shirts from Franco Negretti. Playful and chic, this European line is trim cut and is perfect for the guy who looks for bolder shirts. Expect to get more attention as this is much flashier than your regular shirt.

Leo Chevalier – St. Laurent, QC: Website

Starting his career as a window dresser in Montreal, Leo Chevalier became a trailblazer in Canadian fashion, challenging the established Montreal garment industry. He presented his first collection in 1963 and opened his own haute couture fashion house in 1967. Leo Chevalier was the first designer ever to receive the Order of Canada and helped design Air Canada’s 1972 in-flight uniforms.

He was one of only a handful of Canadian designers and help put Canadian fashion on the map. In 1992 Leo Chevalier was awarded the “Griffe D’or” Prix Hommage for his longevity and contributions to the Quebec and Canadian fashion industry.

Viyella – St. Laurent, QC: Website

VIYELLA was a blend of wool and cotton first woven in 1784 in England and soon to be the "first branded fabric in the world". It was made of 55 percent merino wool and 45 percent cotton in a twill weave, developed by James and Robert Sissons of William Hollins & Company, spinners and hosiers. The brand name, first registered as a trademark in 1894, and registered in the United States in 1907, soon covered not only the original fabric, to be sold by the yard (piece goods), but also clothing.

At first this was made by separate businesses, but it was not long before Hollins started producing their own clothes and offering franchises to manufacturers who would use the Viyella label. Following increasing emphasis on garment manufacture over the years, Viyella is now a fashion brand for clothes and home furnishings made of a variety of fabrics.

Pant Makers

Sunwill - Denmark: Website

Sunwill specialize in trousers with a perfect fit in the exciting qualities developed every season. You often see qualities specially developed for Sunwill, in order that you get a special treat. Çeramica®-fabric is specially developed to meet the requirements of the modern man made his pants.

Çeramica® mark is characterized by good quality and is associated with comfort and flexibility. Thus, appears Çeramica®-treated fabrics for example, with Easy Care treatment that makes the pants do not curl, like the pants are incredibly comfortable to wear.

m.e.n.s. - Germany: Website

Founded in Hanover, Germany in 1901 Heinecke & Klaproth can look back on more than 100 years of successful company tradition. As a manufacturer of high-quality men’s trousers, we stand for quality in workmanship and for the use of high-quality materials in our three product groups “Cotton, Denim & City“.

We provide our specialist retailers with five collections every year. Our product quality is reliable, and our company philosophy is all about service. The family company which is now run in the fourth generation sells its products under the brand name m.e.n.s. throughout the world. We remain true to our policy of selling exclusively to specialist retailers.

m.e.n.s. stands for quality in our products and in our service to the specialist retailer.

Sweater Makers

Glenbrae - England: Website

The pursuit of quality takes time, instinct and the kind of knowledge that can only be passed down through generations. With a heritage born in the mill town of Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, and a reputation renowned the world over, our history is rich in developing technical yarns. From performance fabrics in fighter jets to fireproof safety clothing, we’ve constantly pushed the boundaries. It’s why years later, with our unrivalled blend of style and substance, we set out to produce the ultimate garment - seamlessly blending craft, machinery and heritage to create exceptional hand-finished knitwear.

Sportswear Makers

Cutter & Buck – Seattle: Website

Cutter & Buck Inc. was founded in 1989, in Seattle, Washington, with an eye towards making premium sportswear and outerwear in styles with distinctive details, quality craftsmanship, and the finest fabrics. We embrace our regional heritage with a brand identity that embodies Genuine Spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

Sleep & Lounge Wear Makers

Majestic International – Montreal: Website

A third-generation family business started founded in 1924 by Sam Cowan, beginning with mufflers (Scarves) and ties then sleepwear in the 50’s.

In three generations, the family have worked to show the original philosophy of Sam Cowan; honesty, integrity and quality products remain the backbone and success of our Company.

They have an outstanding world class reputation, headed by Sam, the grandson, in a new environmentally friendly, LEED certified, custom facility which incorporated many "Green" construction practices.

Today, they are honored to count such esteemed companies as: Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Bloomingdales, Saks and another 350 better quality menswear stores as our customers.

Tie & Sock Makers

Dion – Toronto: Website

Dion Neckwear Ltd. is a family-owned, Toronto-based business and a mainstay for well-dressed men for over 40 years. Dion supplies neckwear and formal wear that bears the distinct Dion look and quality on which specialty North American retailers have come to rely. Peter Tsihlias, Chief Executive Officer. “Buying quality hurts only once, when you actually buy. Not buying quality, hurts every time. It may be for the cost to repair something or the disappointment and bitterness of seeing your buy fall short of your expectations, or in the retailer’s case, losing the trust (and business) of a good customer.

The Great Canadian Sox Co. – Toronto: Website

Established in 1934, The Great Canadian Sox Company is among the oldest Canadian businesses. The original business began in 1877 in Tavistock, Ontario, when J.B. Field had four employees knitting Merino wool socks for lumberjacks.
"Now, we're one of the largest manufacturers in Canada," says Priyanka Khimasia, the manager of Socks Outlet on Danforth Avenue and also the owner's daughter. "We've made socks for Roots, Adidas, Champion, Reebok and LL Bean. We also made socks for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Mountain Equipment coop carries our own brand, as well as the Super-Wool Hiker GX and Icelandic 30 Below."
Priyanka knows her subject. “I grew up around socks," she says, her face lighting up. "When I talk with my friends, they are amazed how much there is to know about socks.”
For about 30 years, Priyanka's family has owned The Great Canadian Sox Company and operated with about 35 employees. Priyanka started the Sox Outlet retail store in 2015. Over the years, the product range has expanded, and the company name, owners and locations has changed, but Ontario remains its home.

Belt Makers

Lindenmann – Germany: Website

On July 1st 1961 Lindenmann accessories is founded by Karl Lindenmann and his son Karl Heinz Lindenmann. The learned merchants specialize in the distribution of men’s jewellery in the “gold town” Pforzheim famous for its jewellery industry around the world. The clients are the major men’s wear shops in Germany and abroad.

Hats & Cap Makers

Magill – Montreal: Website

Founded in 1895, by Isidor Magill, we have prided ourselves in producing quality headwear in addition to having “second-to-none” customer service. Four generations deep of wisdom and experience, we have consistently been able to carry out our rich legacy, while adapting to necessary changes.

Employing artisans who love what they do, we take pride in developing every hat & cap that goes through our history-filled Canadian doors. Whether we are manufacturing fashion-oriented Fedoras worn by A-list celebrities, classic Fedoras for the everyday individual, or textile Ivy-inspired caps, you can rest assured knowing that we have paid strong attention to every detail of your new chapeau!

Shoe Makers

Lloyd – Germany: Website

LLOYD Shoes GmbH is a German shoe maker based in Sulingen. The company manufactures men's and women's shoes, briefcases, purses, shirts, leather garments, socks and bags. Hermann Friedrich Meyer founded on February 13, 1888 in Bremen, the HF Meyer shoe factory. Collection is all about going casual. An exciting mix of fabrics and styles surprise customers and create highly fashionable yet completely wearable designs. Casual styles are exceptionally light and create an exciting look thanks to material and surface designs. The highlight here is the colour finish, which is applied by hand. Perfectly suited to the seasonal weather conditions thanks to anti-slip grip soles, X-Motion is also a prominent feature of the Autumn/Winter collection.

Sperry Topsider - Richmond, Indiana: Website

From 1895 to the 1920’s Sperry Topsider’s founder, Paul Sperry, was born into a family with a long sea-faring tradition. Paul grew up listening to his great-grandfather speak of wild adventures in the South Seas. These tales set the stage for young Paul’s inventive spirit, passion for sailing and curiosity for adventure